miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Pantocrátor gallery / Shanghai

Women's lines

2nd-30th september. Opening friday 2nd at 18 h

Lore Vanelslande

Lore Vanelslande (Belgium - China)

Sonia Carballo "Socatoba" (Spain)

Carmen Garcia Huerta (Spain)

Stephanie Costello (New York)

Patsy McArthur (Scotland)

Freya Douglas-Morris (UK)

Marta Blasco (Spain)

Alejandra Alarcón (Bolivia)

Alejandra Alarcòn

 Sonia Carballo ‘Socatoba’

 Carmen Garcia Huerta

Stephanie Costello

Pristine, delicate, silky soft, are the fingers of the women hands when caresses the skin of paper, ready to be drawn. Hands that draws their expressions, to fallow their paths of senses to let them be manifested on the texture of feelings, moments, dimensions, spaces, or just characters, hidden to be shown, called to give, created to live, now breathing in this special draws exhibitions.

This is "Women's Lines" the given name of the first Pantocrator's Gallery show in Shanghai, presenting eight women art works from different hemispheres of the world in a conjunction of talents, spread it on a cosmos of draws that let us feel the unpredictable, very unique sensations inside this eight women's hearts and lives from China, Colombia, Bolivia, Belgium, Scotland, Spain, USA and UK.

The recognition of this eight talented emerging artists, that Pantocrator Gallery just bring to Shanghai, give us an interesting variety of drawing techniques form the very tenderness and also the deep strength of this women that invites us to discover them, in a universe of lines, dots, ink spots, scratches and smudges in this sensational "Women's Lines" show.